THE Best Craft Beer Guide for Visitors in Kraków

We’ve cobbled together for you a list of the most awesome craft beer pubs in Kraków. The selection is scattered the whole way across the Old Town, Kazimierz, Podgorze Dolnych Młynów and there’s everything from wheat beers, to APA’s to chilli stouts. We hope you enjoy because our livers may just have died for this list.

Tea Time Brew Pub – Dietla 1

If you were in mind for something aiming to inject just the right amount of the soul of the UK and British bar culture into Krakow without overstepping into English / Irish pub territory TEA Time might be what you’re looking for. Co-owner Dave Twigg supplies some of the very fine beers and ales that can be found here from Browar Twigg. Look for ‘Pale Blue Dot’ if they have it on tap, an excellent IPA.

Expect to find some home made cakes or the option to order fish and chips to go along with your beer here. On Monday nights they host a Pub Quiz. The perfect accompaniment to quality beer. They also have some rooms downstairs where you can view the brewing process and see how the drink is made today. Lastly in Summer there are seats outside to enjoy refreshing beer in the summer air by the river. The prefect stop for a walk along the Vistula river.

Poli Pub – Dietla 97

This Tap House is probably your best bet for a place to go if you absolutely need to find a table. It’s Really big and it’s located half way between the Old town and the Jewish district Kazimierz plus it’s not that well sign posted so it doesn’t attract flocks of tourists. Inside is comfy with an area for music, some screens that play sports and a spacious smoking room.

Poli Pub is another tap house owned by one of the Prominent Polish Craft breweries ‘Dr Brew’ who make excellent Craft Brew for the masses in Poland. Despite the beer being excellent the prices here are significantly lower than in some of the other Craft Beer pubs in the city. Especially if you’re not really after any IPAs or fancy stuff and would rather a solid pint of Czech pilsner or porter. In which case a full pint will set you back about 8 PLN or just under 2 euro. A good price for quality draft beer in Krakow.

Craftownia – Świętego Wawrzyńca 22

Yet another undiscovered Craft beer pub located just off the beaten track. Craftownia sports decent beer and lies just outside of the most likely haunts of your fellow earthlings in the touristic hot spots. Another getaway place. The beer is good quality and inexpensive. They are also conveniently located a stones throw away from one of the first food truck spots to emerge in Krakow where you can try all sorts of late night food after filling up with Craft Beer, or before you do if you’re wise. Then further down the same street you’ll find one of the biggest beer halls in Krakow – Stara Zajezdnia. But more on Beer halls in another article.

Great for a quieter beer in a place where you’ll be surrounded by local Krakowians or for getting some food truck yummies in shortly before or after some Craft Brew yummies.

Multi Qlti

Multi was one of the first tap houses in Krakow that went for the trendy, modern, verging but not all the way there hipster look. The bar itself is a clean industrial sort of area and hosts a great selection of regional  beers. And some Vodka too!

The environment in Multi Qlti is great. Comfortable seating and tables and chairs that you’d almost say were like something out of the 60’s. The walls are painted in well done murals and are interesting to admire if you are with a lot of friends and want something to space out at a little while everyone talks around you. Lastly it’s right off the main Market square on Szewska street which is one of the most lively streets on a Friday or Saturday night making Multi Qlti one of the best tap houses in the city to start your night if you’re going to follow it up with a night out or some clubbing.

Omerta – Kupa 3

In the heart of Kazimierz just around the corner from Plac Nowy one of the earliest and most well stocked Craft Beer pubs Omerta can be found. They have probably got the best selection of craft beers from other countries in the city. Inside there are two bars on opposite ends of the premises, on one side pouring domestic Craft Beer and on the other pouring imported.

The bar is a dark and warm place with small tables to have a beer with one or two friends or large sofas to sit around with a group of colleagues from work or old classmates. In our opinion knowledgeable bar staff make a big difference when you walk into a Craft Beer pub. They need to be able to pick out something for you to try based on what you tell them you’re looking for. Brilliant bar staff can even tell you some history about each beer they sell. Omerta shines with the knowledgable bar staff. In our opinion, this is the best tap house to come to if you’re going to follow it up with a night out in Kazimierz.

Domówka – Miodowa 28

The name Domówka translates to House Party which is exactly what spending an evening here feels like. The owners seem to have had a very clear picture of what they wanted to do when they started this bar.

Getting closer to the Jewish area Kazimierz we find Domówka, a friendly and warm Craft Beer bar which would probably call itself a game bar with dozens of board games and card games available upon request from the bar to play with some friends over a few hours. The board game craze has taken off more recently than the Craft Beer craze it seems but few would argue that they don’t go well together.

Domówka is strange in that they take table reservations up until oddly late hours even on Friday and Saturday nights. Annoying for those who don’t plan ahead, fantastic for those who have something specifically like drinks with friends in a cool place with a game of monopoly in mind. A few years ago they were saying that staying in was the new going out. Domówka provides a night in experience in a bar with great beer.

Radocha – Sebastiana 6

If Hidden Gem strikes a chord with you then this is THE place for you. Hidden again half way between the traveller dense Old town and the hipster traveller dense Kazimierz is a belt of places that people rarely stop in. And in the middle of this belt you will find Radocha, a sweet little bar with a fantastic relaxing beer garden and a clean and cozy basement bar.

They host a very decent selection of bottled Craft Beer and have a few good ones on tap too, though not so many as some of the others on our list. Not only serving Beer but they also boast an oddly good choice of Vodkas. Normally Craft Beer places in Krakow don’t offer much in the way of vodka aside from a few staple clear vodkas but Radocha is different, and it’s part of why we love them!

Come here in winter if you want to get away from the overcrowded tourist hot spots and enjoy good beer with some friends in a nice atmospheric place, come in summer and relax to the max in the hammock in the beer garden with a crisp IPA. But for sure come here. Coup de Grâce they make some killer food too.

Miejscówka – Józefińska 4

Skateboards, long boards, 90’s grunge artwork and beer. Who’d have thought they were a good combo? Well somehow they work well together. Miejscówka means ‘hang out’ basically, somewhere that you and your friends might go and kick back and spend some time together without a care in the world. The interior of this Tap house is likely to drum up nostalgia in the hearts of anyone who grew up watching 90’s television which is hardly a bad thing.

There are board games around this bar so you can knock out a few games of scrabble or monopoly with your mates. Their selection is smaller than some others on our list usually with around 10 or 12 local Craft Brews on tap and then a wider selection in bottles. In the winter this little bar has a decently cozy indoor area though it’s not huge. In the summer it’s got some great outdoor seating in front of the bar. It’s right by the river just on the outskirts of Podgorze, an area of Krakow that is relatively undiscovered, quieter and worth a visit even if you’re only here for a short time. It’s on the way to one of the Kopiec mounds (hills that overlook the city). We highly recommend visiting these to get the best views of Krakow for free.

Stop into Miejscówka on your walk back to the city and try out something refreshing, and maybe nip next door to Zakładka, one of Krakow’s best restaurants (yet reasonably priced) if you feel like you deserve to treat yourself.

Tap House – Świętego Jana 30

Almost all of the tap houses on our list are located in focal points of nightlife but Tap House is a little more hidden down a street that is far less frequented. It does not however fail to draw in a crowd. If you want to have any hope of sitting somewhere a little less packed on a Friday or Saturday night Tap House is your best bet. They aren’t owned by any Brewering in particular so you’ll find a bit of everything in here.

They have cool understated artwork on the walls and they’ve got sofas and benches all about the place for sitting and chilling with your friends. It’s within the old town a couple of minutes by food from the Market Square. You should definitely give this one a look if you want a lower key beer with friends, family or a partner. They offer free water for designated drivers which we think is a nice touch and they were selling an interesting sparkled cold brew coffee for non drinkers or coffee lovers.

Viva La Pinta – Florianska 13

Viva La Pinta is a Tap Bar owned and run by one of the first craft beer producers in Poland… Browar Pinta. Over the years they’ve experimented with many different varieties of beer and beer flavours. In Poland their reputation for making a crowd pleasing IPA is well known. A personal Recommendation: Apetyt na Życie which means appetite for life, a light and citrusy rye beer. It’s especially refreshing in summer but pleasing year round. There are always seasonal beers available from Pinta too, so expect something dark and spiced in winter.

Viva la Pinta has quite cozy spaces inside, knowledgeable barmen who can make really informed suggestions based on what you’re looking for and what they have. In the summer they have a nice open beer garden in front of the bar and in winter this is closed and patio heaters are placed in the conservatory, with blankets on chairs. Cherry on top… They also do bar food, the onion rings are amazing!

Wezze Krafta

Wezze Krafta is owned by the same people who own the last tap house on the list, Multi Qlti. They probably have the same beer on tap here so that’s not what sets them apart. Wezze Krafta is located not in the Old Town but in the bar and restaurant area known as Dolnych Młynów. Dolnych Młynów is probably somewhere you should write into your calendar alone anyway, in fact we have an article in the works about this trendy little corner of Krakow.

It’s essentially a project that was started around 2015 where they modernised an old tobacco factory and lots of little cafes, restaurants, bars and tap houses opened up. There’s even a club out there in a big old warehouse.

Wezze Krafta is a huge room that was formally part of a faktory, with very high ceilings and industrial style design, like the rest of Dolnych Młynow. In Summer it’s got lots of outdoor seating and in winter it’s spacious enough for you and your friends to find somewhere to sit on a Friday night (probably, if not you’re in Dolnych Młynów!) Comfy seating and great beer with well thought out lighting and ambience make this a great place to come with friends.