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Kraków's Best Tipsy and Tasty Cultural Experiences

Did you know that Poland is the actual homeland of vodka? With more than 600 years of recorded vodka history, there’s more varieties of tantalising flavoured vodkas and crystal clear shots than anywhere else in the world. Forget everything you thought you knew, it’s time to join us on a taste-bud-teasing adventure into Polish culture, history, food and nightlife in the best way possible….with a chilled shot of the worlds best vodka between your fingertips!

Polish Vodka Tasting Tours & Experiences

The Kraków Vodka Tour

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Meet our friendly guides and explore the most interesting vodka cafes, bars and restaurants of the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town or the Bohemian Jewish District of Kraków. It’s fun, it’s very interesting, it’s super tasty and it’s definitely a little tipsy. It’s simply the best introduction you can have to everything Poland. 😀

Become a vodka pro with our crash course in the history, production, evolution and drinking culture of vodka, plus all the funny stories that go with it.

Visit the best home-made flavoured vodka cafe in Europe and choose 2 tastings from over 30 special flavours.

Stop off to taste Krakow's very best traditional dumplings ( a must try in Kraków!) Includes a sample of Bison Grass vodka to wash them down.

A choice of two tastings from our favourite vodka bar with a stock of well over 100 vodkas.

Amazing tips on all the best of Krakow’s fantastic food, drink, activities and nightlife to check out over the rest of your stay.

125zl per person

Book online and receive a bonus vodka sampling on arrival!