Wezze Krafta is owned by the same people who own the last tap house on the list, Multi Qlti. They probably have the same beer on tap here so that’s not what sets them apart. Wezze Krafta is located not in the Old Town but in the bar and restaurant area known as Dolnych Młynów. Dolnych Młynów is probably somewhere you should write into your calendar alone anyway, in fact we have an article in the works about this trendy little corner of Krakow.

It’s essentially a project that was started around 2015 where they modernised an old tobacco factory and lots of little cafes, restaurants, bars and tap houses opened up. There’s even a club out there in a big old warehouse.

Wezze Krafta is a huge room that was formally part of a faktory, with very high ceilings and industrial style design, like the rest of Dolnych Młynow. In Summer it’s got lots of outdoor seating and in winter it’s spacious enough for you and your friends to find somewhere to sit on a Friday night (probably, if not you’re in Dolnych Młynów!) Comfy seating and great beer with well thought out lighting and ambience make this a great place to come with friends.