Viva La Pinta is a Tap Bar owned and run by one of the first craft beer producers in Poland… Browar Pinta. Over the years they’ve experimented with many different varieties of beer and beer flavours. In Poland their reputation for making a crowd pleasing IPA is well known. A personal Recommendation: Apetyt na Życie which means appetite for life, a light and citrusy rye beer. It’s especially refreshing in summer but pleasing year round. There are always seasonal beers available from Pinta too, so expect something dark and spiced in winter.

Viva la Pinta has quite cozy spaces inside, knowledgeable barmen who can make really informed suggestions based on what you’re looking for and what they have. In the summer they have a nice open beer garden in front of the bar and in winter this is closed and patio heaters are placed in the conservatory, with blankets on chairs. Cherry on top… They also do bar food, the onion rings are amazing!