The best coffee in Krakow (or so they say). It’s certainly very good. They not only do good coffee but also do really decent lunches, cakes, breakfasts and atmopshere. Tribeca is in the same building as an art gallery and it’s evident from the interior that whoever was in charge of decorating Tribeca knew what they were doing. Works of art hang on the walls, cool art deco lights and shades hang from the unusual curved ceilings. The windows are large and wooden and beautiful. It’s also one of the larger coffee shops on our list and would easily suit a group of 20 people in Krakow together wishing to take a coffee lunch together.

Coziness levels are high here. You can have straight backed chairs with decent cushioning around heavy wooden tables or there are sofas too to sink into your emails or to spend a morning retouching your holiday photos in Adobe Lightroom. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the other coffee places on our list but the coffee does come in a larger mug more like the buckets that you get in the chain coffee shops.