Almost all of the tap houses on our list are located in focal points of nightlife but Tap House is a little more hidden down a street that is far less frequented. It does not however fail to draw in a crowd. If you want to have any hope of sitting somewhere a little less packed on a Friday or Saturday night Tap House is your best bet. They aren’t owned by any Brewering in particular so you’ll find a bit of everything in here.

They have cool understated artwork on the walls and they’ve got sofas and benches all about the place for sitting and chilling with your friends. It’s within the old town a couple of minutes by food from the Market Square. You should definitely give this one a look if you want a lower key beer with friends, family or a partner. They offer free water for designated drivers which we think is a nice touch and they were selling an interesting sparkled cold brew coffee for non drinkers or coffee lovers.