If Hidden Gem strikes a chord with you then this is THE place for you. Hidden again half way between the traveller dense Old town and the hipster traveller dense Kazimierz is a belt of places that people rarely stop in. And in the middle of this belt you will find Radocha, a sweet little bar with a fantastic relaxing beer garden and a clean and cozy basement bar.

They host a very decent selection of bottled Craft Beer and have a few good ones on tap too, though not so many as some of the others on our list. Not only serving Beer but they also boast an oddly good choice of Vodkas. Normally Craft Beer places in Krakow don’t offer much in the way of vodka aside from a few staple clear vodkas but Radocha is different, and it’s part of why we love them!

Come here in winter if you want to get away from the overcrowded tourist hot spots and enjoy good beer with some friends in a nice atmospheric place, come in summer and relax to the max in the hammock in the beer garden with a crisp IPA. But for sure come here. Coup de Grâce they make some killer food too.