Vodka Tasting Experience


Our vodka tasting experience. This takes place in one venue with loads of snacks and polish tapas. There are 7 different flavours of Polish vodka included. A knowledgeable guide will explain the history and culture of vodka.

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  • Includes 7 tastings of the very best of a variety of Polish Vodkas.
  • Everything from the oldest and most traditional clear vodkas down to the more modern and incredibly tasty flavoured varieties.
  • A crash course in the history, production, evolution and drinking culture of vodka plus all the funny stories that go with it.
  • Tasty Polish Tapas snacks to soak up vodka and free softs to clear the palate.
  • A mini vodka cocktail making masterclass with a prize cocktail give away.
  • Amazing tips on all the best of Krakow’s fantastic food, drink, activities and nightlife.


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