This Tap House is probably your best bet for a place to go if you absolutely need to find a table. It’s Really big and it’s located half way between the Old town and the Jewish district Kazimierz plus it’s not that well sign posted so it doesn’t attract flocks of tourists. Inside is comfy with an area for music, some screens that play sports and a spacious smoking room.

Poli Pub is another tap house owned by one of the Prominent Polish Craft breweries ‘Dr Brew’ who make excellent Craft Brew for the masses in Poland. Despite the beer being excellent the prices here are significantly lower than in some of the other Craft Beer pubs in the city. Especially if you’re not really after any IPAs or fancy stuff and would rather a solid pint of Czech pilsner or porter. In which case a full pint will set you back about 8 PLN or just under 2 euro. A good price for quality draft beer in Krakow.