In the heart of Kazimierz just around the corner from Plac Nowy one of the earliest and most well stocked Craft Beer pubs Omerta can be found. They have probably got the best selection of craft beers from other countries in the city. Inside there are two bars on opposite ends of the premises, on one side pouring domestic Craft Beer and on the other pouring imported.

The bar is a dark and warm place with small tables to have a beer with one or two friends or large sofas to sit around with a group of colleagues from work or old classmates. In our opinion knowledgeable bar staff make a big difference when you walk into a Craft Beer pub. They need to be able to pick out something for you to try based on what you tell them you’re looking for. Brilliant bar staff can even tell you some history about each beer they sell. Omerta shines with the knowledgable bar staff. In our opinion, this is the best tap house to come to if you’re going to follow it up with a night out in Kazimierz.