Multi was one of the first tap houses in Krakow that went for the trendy, modern, verging but not all the way there hipster look. The bar itself is a clean industrial sort of area and hosts a great selection of regional  beers. And some Vodka too!

The environment in Multi Qlti is great. Comfortable seating and tables and chairs that you’d almost say were like something out of the 60’s. The walls are painted in well done murals and are interesting to admire if you are with a lot of friends and want something to space out at a little while everyone talks around you. Lastly it’s right off the main Market square on Szewska street which is one of the most lively streets on a Friday or Saturday night making Multi Qlti one of the best tap houses in the city to start your night if you’re going to follow it up with a night out or some clubbing.