Skateboards, long boards, 90’s grunge artwork and beer. Who’d have thought they were a good combo? Well somehow they work well together. Miejscówka means ‘hang out’ basically, somewhere that you and your friends might go and kick back and spend some time together without a care in the world. The interior of this Tap house is likely to drum up nostalgia in the hearts of anyone who grew up watching 90’s television which is hardly a bad thing.

There are board games around this bar so you can knock out a few games of scrabble or monopoly with your mates. Their selection is smaller than some others on our list usually with around 10 or 12 local Craft Brews on tap and then a wider selection in bottles. In the winter this little bar has a decently cozy indoor area though it’s not huge. In the summer it’s got some great outdoor seating in front of the bar. It’s right by the river just on the outskirts of Podgorze, an area of Krakow that is relatively undiscovered, quieter and worth a visit even if you’re only here for a short time. It’s on the way to one of the Kopiec mounds (hills that overlook the city). We highly recommend visiting these to get the best views of Krakow for free.

Stop into Miejscówka on your walk back to the city and try out something refreshing, and maybe nip next door to Zakładka, one of Krakow’s best restaurants (yet reasonably priced) if you feel like you deserve to treat yourself.