Speaking of good coffee we should also give an honourable mention to a place that does amazing tea. Maybe we will write another article about Krakow’s best tea houses… Watch this space. Kawalerka is a hidden gem. It’s in the edge of Kazimierz near enough to the main square there, plac Nowy. Kawalerka has a great selection of home roasted coffees of different origins and some with different flavour infusions. Are you a bit of a coffee fanatic who has to have beans from Columbia dark roasted? Kawalerka is your place. They also offer probably the widest selection of brewing options. They’ll even make your coffee with an aeropress if you like.

This article is about the best coffee shops but we can’t mention Kawalerka without pointing out the insane selection of Teas they have here. They vary throughout the year and they try to match their tea choices to the season. In summer expect more choices of fruit flavoured teas in winter expect your spiced options and chocolate orange flavoured teas. Or just go with a quality earl grey or gunpowder tea if that’s your thing. Comfiness levels are good here, with sturdy cushioned chairs around iron legged tables that won’t knock over with your macbook on them.