The name Domówka translates to House Party which is exactly what spending an evening here feels like. The owners seem to have had a very clear picture of what they wanted to do when they started this bar.

Getting closer to the Jewish area Kazimierz we find Domówka, a friendly and warm Craft Beer bar which would probably call itself a game bar with dozens of board games and card games available upon request from the bar to play with some friends over a few hours. The board game craze has taken off more recently than the Craft Beer craze it seems but few would argue that they don’t go well together.

Domówka is strange in that they take table reservations up until oddly late hours even on Friday and Saturday nights. Annoying for those who don’t plan ahead, fantastic for those who have something specifically like drinks with friends in a cool place with a game of monopoly in mind. A few years ago they were saying that staying in was the new going out. Domówka provides a night in experience in a bar with great beer.