Columbus is the closest coffee shop on our list to a Starbucks. In all honesty we were hesitant to add it at all. It is a chain coffee shop that exists across Poland. You’ll find your syrop laden sprinkled cream topped spiced mocha latte frapuccino or whatever here… but they do make decent coffee. It’s also home to the comfiest seating on the list by far, with big plush armchairs and sofas spread out across decently sized shops. If you happen to be living in krakow or find you like Columbus and might wind up drinking a lot of coffee here there’s a loyalty card giving you a free coffee every 6 you buy.

Great if you like the starbucks vibe without the multinational corporation headache, want decent coffee and a place with reliable internet to spend a few hours chilling out with a book or on your laptop. Oh and one final thing, Columbus on the crossroads of Dietla and Starowislna is right between Kazimierz and the Old town on a large crossroads. It’s got a cool street view with plenty of people walking back and forth and trans driving by. It’s also however a place that many tourists don’t think to stop for a cup of java instead bee lining for the main square or the jewish district. So basically there’s always great seating available in there.