Cheder is a comfy and unusual coffee shop. It’s very different to your usual bistro or cafe though. They do make your usual lattes and cappuccinos and so on, but what you want to try in Cheder is the Israeli or Arabic style coffee. It comes in a large brass coffee pot, it’s black and it’s spiced with various different spices depending on which you’ve ordered. Ginger, cardomom, cinnamon. Honestly we’re not sure exactly what they’re putting into the coffee but it is smashing.

Cheder tend to play cool mellow music, there are some nice standard wooden tables and chairs or there’s a few bean bags too near their bookshelves and board games to stretch out on if you’re planting yourself there with a laptop or a book for a couple of hours. It’s a little hidden, you won’t bump into Cheder if you’re walking around the usual spots in Krakow so add it to your Tripadvisor places to see and seek it out. You will not regret it.