Another Cafe with an excellent Street view. Bomba is a trendy little bar / small club by night and a hip cafe by day. They do some cakes and a selection of nice drinks and of course very decent coffee. The music in Bomba during the day is really chill and well chosen. It’s the comfiest in terms of seating on our list so far. Downstairs is decked out mainly with sofas and upstairs has some nicely cushioned chairs. Everything is pretty low profile, you’re reclining almost as you sip your java. Which is perfect if you’re like us and like to lounge a little as you do your work.

We hit on the street view. It’s really up there for Krakow’s street view options looking out over the Plac Szczpanski square. In summer events are held on the square and children play in the fountains, in winter the square is dusted with snow making the coziness aspect even more prominent. Perfect for cracking a few pages of your novel, or adding a few line of code to your new android app. Or just kicking back with some friends.