We have compiled a list of the best Craft Beer tap houses in Krakow to help you decide where you should go to taste the best of the best to quency your hoppy thirst.

Craft Beer has totally exploded in the last five or six years in Krakow and Poland. Before that you’d be lucky to find anything other than the infamous Kasztelan or Okocim on tap in most places. All that has changed. Honestly the industrial lagers here are poor in quality. We wouldn’t really argue that Carlsberg or Heiniken were good in quality either. The crown of decent lager belongs on the the heads of the Czechs and the Belgians. If you think otherwise… Leave a comment and we’ll grudgingly take your opinion into consideration.

The fact remains. Good tap craft beer was missing and when microbreweries and larger scale craft breweries such as Pinta and Twigg browar stepped up to offer their IPAs and Sour Ales and beers infused with different things, the men and women of Krakow responded with YES! Do we want beer containing almost 100% hops? YES! As sour as Margret Thatcher’s face? YES! Flavoured with fruit, milk, coffee, chilli peppers, chocolate? YES YES YES!!!!