BaniaLukaBanialuka doesn’t have the comfiest seating and the coffees are’t huge. But it IS cheap, it’s also always bustling and it’s got great people watching windows. A coffee here will set you back about 4 zloty or €1. An Irish coffee costs 6 zl here. €1.50. If you are going to go out and try to mingle with the locals in Krakow and have a fun night out there’s a fair to good chance that you will find yourself in Banialuka at 9 or 10pm some night. If you go for a really crazy night out you might wind up there at 5 or 6 in the morning.

If you want to sit somewhere central and sip coffee for a few hours with an almost unbeatable street view Banialuka is a good call. They don’t stock any fancy syrups. You won’t get a pumpkin spiced latte or any of that garbage. You will find yourself loving the place anyway. It’s also home to the most reasonably priced hot wine in Krakow during the winter (but more of that in a future blog post).